Senior management team
Sepp Rajaie
Founder & CEO
A pioneer and entrepreneur with 37 years in tech, Sepp was instrumental in the development of the IT asset management business for Dell and the industry’s current evolution to prioritize Data Protection.
Charles Robbins
Chief Engineering Officer
Head engineer and R&D lead, inventor, educator, author, military officer and cybersecurity expert serving on the State of Ohio Cyber-Security Collaboration Committee (OC3).
Matt McPeek
Chief Financial Officer
24 years of diverse finance experience ranging from commercial banking, FP&A, shared service leadership, capital structure, procurement, mergers & acquisitions, and outsourcing.
Sean Gouhin, ESQ.
Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
25 plus years as a General Counsel. Cybersecurity legal subject matter expert, author and frequent industry speaker and thought leader.
What’s Your Company’s Security Worth?
TechR2 offers patented, on-site hard drive and data destruction, shredding, degaussing, as well as decommissioning services for all your digital assets and digital media.