Does your company let data storage devices go off site for data destruction?
You risk job loss due to compliance failures.
The patented Tear-A-Byte® process for the destruction of data on end-point storage devices guarantees global compliance, including GDPR, NIST, CCPA, HIPAA, CMMC and others.
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Shredding and ITAD Models ≠ Data Protection

The previous industry model for IT asset and data destruction is no longer compliant and is shifting from one focused on used end-point data storage device remarketing, to one focused on the protection of the critical data they contain. The awareness of the new compliance requirements has grown, but there has been a lack of any significant innovation in the data destruction space.

Until now, with TechR2’s Tear-A-Byte® process for the destruction of critical data on end-point storage devices as the only patented, comprehensive and 100% compliant data destruction process.

With multiple locations worldwide, TechR2 is a disruptive technology company - patent holder and software developer focused on destroying critical data on end-point storage devices to ensure our client’s compliance with all global data privacy laws and industry standards.

The Patented Tear-A-Byte® Process: Compliant and Secure
End-point data storage devices RFID tagged and placed in secure Tear-A-Byte® appliance
Once appliance filled, destruction event is scheduled
Data destroyed ONSITE using NSA certified tech by two security engineers
Customer receives cloud-based audit, environmental and Certificate of Destruction reports
For Datacenter and Enterprise Environments
Not Secure
Outdated data destruction methods are not complaint
  • Traditional ITAD and shredding models fail today’s strict data destruction regulatory requirements
  • Key requirements of GDPR, the NIST Standard and other global regulatory rules for data destruction make clear that controllers of data (that’s you!) must:
  • Ensure work is completed onsite within the 4 walls
  • Have access to IT asset Inventory data within 72 hours
  • Choose the most risk averse processes to follow
  • Ensure process includes Track, Contain, Dispose, Document and Verify steps
  • Enforce a dual authorization program be followed (sanitizer and verifier)
Regulation Tsunami
Regulations for protection of data are proliferating worldwide
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union has already levied tens of millions in fines
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) became enforceable in 2020 and has generated its first-class action lawsuit
  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard which governs all US Federal agencies and 35 states
  • The new Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) which just became enforceable in 2020
  • The Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMMC) certification based on NIST Cybersecurity framework required for all Federal contracts Sept. 2020
Compliant & Secure
The Tear-A-Byte® Process is Your Future-Proof Superior Solution
  • Using a multi-layered defense to counter collusion that satisfies required Cyber Security frameworks (CSF)
  • Employing smart RFID technology for full and perpetual tracking of assets via a cloud based secure customer portal provides on-demand reports (full audit trail, certificates of destruction and environmental reports)
  • Operating entirely onsite within the ‘four walls’ of any facility
  • Following a strict Zero Landfill Policy for all e-waste (ISO 14001)
  • Supported by a foundation of 5 ISO certifications (27001, 31000, 9001, 14001, 45001)
Global brands and organizations across all key industries trust Tear-A-Byte® to protect the critical data contained on their end-point devices
  • Global banks
  • Federal agencies
  • Global technology companies
  • Top insurance providers
  • Datacenter management companies
  • Global retailers
  • HealthCare providers
  • Major credit card processors