About Us
TechR2 – A data destruction innovator disrupting the ITAD industry
  • A flurry of new data privacy laws and regulations like GDPR, NIST and California Consumer Privacy Act are forcing the ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) industry to change dramatically
  • The ITAD industry is shifting rapidly from one focused on used IT asset remarketing values, to one focused on data security and protection of critical data contained on ‘end of life’ hardware also known as ‘data at rest’
  • TechR2’s Tear-A-Byte® process is the only patented, comprehensive and 100% compliant ‘data at rest’ destruction process
  • Global brands and organizations across all key industries trust Tear-A-Byte® to protect the critical data contained on their end-point devices

Our data destruction process for Tear-A-Byte® is patented (we have 4 more patents pending!) and this sets us apart from our competitors with a future-proof global regulation compliant offering that completes all work onsite.

Many in the industry use manual paper-based tracking, which is not scalable, and a nightmare come audit time. Our secure cloud-based Customer Inventory Management Portal makes working with TechR2 easy and our customer’s pass audits with flying colors.


With 30+ years of ITAD industry leadership, we have the knowledge and relationship, including being an IBM business partner, to be the global leader in data “at rest” destruction.


We proudly maintain 5 ISO Certifications (27001, 31000, 9001, 14001, 45001) including our long -standing commitment to environmental sustainability is clear in our Zero Landfill Policy and rigorous ISO 14001 certification.

Partners for the long term
Customer collaboration

As our business has grown and flourished, we continue to be innovators in an ever-changing market. We are a woman-owned, small business; keenly aware of the social interests of our clients. We will collaborate to design and implement a Best Practices program which best utilizes retired assets to make an impact on the community through the philanthropic avenue of your choice.

A long standing partner for end-of-life technology solutions

We have been providing end-of-life technology solutions for nearly two decades, long before it was fashionable to be “green.”

We believe that IT asset disposal is more than just a corporate obligation, it's a responsibility that should be a priority for each and every “good corporate citizen”.

Continuity and focus

Our founder, Sepp Rajaie, was one of the first to offer progressive industry methodology – managing technology retirement in both a cost-effective & secure manner, while upholding best practices to honor the environment. Today, his involvement in the daily operations of TechR2 affords continuity and focus to our organization.

Our Environmental Mission

Responsible technology recycling is essential for end-of-life computer equipment and improper disposal can lead to fines, litigations, and more importantly a data breach. We keep a vigilant eye on the global business and environmental culture so that we are better able to understand and fulfill our role while maintaining optimum value for our clients.

TechR2: Your partner for retirement solutions in a global marketplace.

If you are a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and your focus is in vertical markets, we invite you to partner with us to offer complete Lifecycle Management and technology end-of-life solutions. We offer extensive technology retirement solutions, which will enable you to provide higher profitability and comprehensive services to your clients.

Custom solutions for your needs
We know your industry
As active members of healthcare, financial services, retail, education and banking industry associations, we are aware of the challenges that you face in managing your data assets and the unique requirements for each industry, especially yours.
We customize solutions for you
TechR2 understands the importance of delivering cost-effective services for the small to medium-sized business. TechR2 provides convenient, customizable solutions for the disposition of electronic waste including IT gear, office electronics and batteries.
The importance of your technology
In today’s business we understand the importance of your technology. We offer desktop, data center, point of sale and onsite data containment and destruction. For short-term or long-term needs, we can accommodate your ongoing process.
Upholding the highest industry standards
We are certified in five international standards of management systems including
ISO-27001, ISO-14001, ISO-9001 and ISO-45001 certifications.
What’s Your Company’s Security Worth?
TechR2 offers patented, on-site hard drive and data destruction, shredding, degaussing, as well as decommissioning services for all your digital assets and digital media.