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29K Facebook employee payroll records stolen from car

The personal banking information for thousands of Facebook employees was stolen last month. The data breach reportedly occurred when someone stole multiple unencrypted physical hard drives from a Facebook payroll staffer’s car.

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Attention former Arrow ITAD clients

To bring you into compliance, immediate, critical support is needed to rectify your existing processes based on Arrow’s outdated former ITAD services to the new required data destruction methods. The patented Tear-A-Byte® process is future-proof and 100% compliant with all new and existing laws and regulations (GDPR, CCPA, NIST, HIPAA, etc).

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Hard drives lost in the Netherlands

Another example of organizations losing control of their loose data bearing media just came to light in the Netherlands and will have significant GDPR related fine implications. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands has to be asking his Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports what happened after two external hard disks with a backup of 6.9 million donor forms with registrations and changes to the Donor Register in the period 1998-2010 have been lost. End of life or decommissioned loose data bearing devices need to be addressed as part of a complete cyber security strategy.

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More than 15% of used drives sold on eBay still have personal data on them

Many people get rid of data bearing devices (laptops, phones, etc) with their own personal/critical data on them without thinking BUT organizations often do as well (also your data!). The compliant destruction of data on loose data bearing devices in an enterprise or datacenter environment is now required to be a part any company’s cyber security strategy!

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Hard drive stolen from storage locker at Washington State

Washington State University learned a costly lesson after a hard drive containing the personal information of more than a million people was stolen from a self-storage locker. The university agreed to pay up to $4.7 million in cash reimbursements, attorneys fees, victim credit monitoring and administrative expenses.

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What’s Your Company’s Security Worth?
TechR2 offers patented, on-site hard drive and data destruction, shredding, degaussing, as well as decommissioning services for all your digital assets and digital media.